Deakin University along with several key partner companies and organisations aim to address this societal gap with approved funding from the Australian Research Council for the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub that focuses on the concept of digitally enhanced living.

The research and development activities conducted by the hub aim to develop intelligent sensed spaces within residential homes and aged care facilities. Such spaces will provide a range of proactive physical, cognitive and social support to residents, thus increasing the quality of care provided to Australia’s ageing population.

Why partner with us?

  • Establish partners as market leaders with their domain through the creation of new products, services and export opportunities for better health outcomes.
  • Access to the expertise from Deakin University’s leading research laboratories:

o Applied Artificial Inteligence Institute;
o Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition;
o Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation.

  • Access to R&D infrastructure capabilities from our Australian and International partner Universities and Institutions, as well as partner companies.
  • The hub is funded by the Australian Research Council, Deakin University, partner companies and organisations by cash and in-kind contributions.

Industries that will benefit

Technology companies
The hub provides opportunities for technology companies to work with new technologies and skills that can be translated into new products and services for the growing health care industry. This includes organisations that design and develop software and sensors, provides integration, data analysis, monitoring and support services.

Health service providers & related organisations
Healthcare service providers and community support organisations are invited to collaborate to leverage from the technologies and processes developed by the hub. This includes but not limited to residential service providers, councils, and organisations that provide at-home care.

Our research partners