Alfred Deakin Professor Kon Mouzakis

The ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living warmly congratulates its Hub Director on his elevation to Alfred Deakin Professor which is the highest academic honour at Deakin University.

(The article below was originally published on the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute’s (A2I2) website.)

Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) Co-Director Professor Kon Mouzakis has been awarded an Alfred Deakin Professorship by the Deakin University council, effective immediately.

The title of Alfred Deakin Professor is the highest honour Deakin University can bestow upon a member of the academic staff.

In 2003, Deakin established the title of Alfred Deakin Professor to recognise members of the Professoriate who have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to further the University’s research and scholarship aims, or its teaching and learning aims.

Alfred Deakin Prof. Mouzakis joined Deakin in 2016 following 26 years as an Associate Professor at Swinburne University of Technology. Throughout this time, he has dedicated his expertise to software development and human-in-the-loop AI.

He has also devoted much time to founding and leading teams that have specialised in health technologies, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, education solutions and defence. His teams have been responsible for creating solutions that have directly impacted the lives of people around the world.

In 2006, Kon’s team developed The Trauma Reception and Resuscitation (TR&R) System for The Alfred hospital. This system has supported countless trauma bay staff to make better decisions when under severe pressure. An independent study showed that the TR&R lead to a 21% reduction in errors of trauma bay omission, 30% reduction in blood transfusions, and significant reductions in the time spent in ICU.

More recently, he steered A2I2 toward contributing to Deakin’s Trailblazer-winning project, REACH, committing to the development of Australia’s largest recycling and clean energy advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

Kon’s new title will be officially conferred at a future graduation ceremony.

Congratulations Alfred Deakin Professor Kon Mouzakis!