Research with heart

Faculty of Health PhD candidate Rebecca Nourse will represent Deakin at the 2021 VYT International Final, hosted by University of Melbourne.

Her thesis is exploring how to support self-management in people with heart failure. This research could help people have fewer hospitalisations, feel better and live longer happier lives.

“My PhD is working to develop a smart ecosystem using technologies, behaviour change theory and artificial intelligence with an aim to make it easier for people to manage their condition so they’re able to continue doing the things they enjoy,” Rebecca said. 

She is undertaking her research project with assistance from her supervisors, Professor Ralph MaddisonProfessor Raj Vasa and Dr Shariful Islam. She also has two supervisors from the University of Copenhagen, Professor Lars Kayser and Professor Finn Kensing. [Editor: All of her supervisors are also a part of the ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living.]

Rebecca hopes this smart ecosystem will allow them to measure and analyse the health status of people with heart disease before providing personalised intervention.

Article were written by Maddie Brake and reposted from here.