Dr Anju Curumsing, Deakin University & DELH

The ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living (DELH) shared a video summary of the paper that was shown during the Journal of Systems and Software’s (JSS) Happy Hour event on 29th May 2020.

Dr Anju Curumsing, Chief Investigator of the Hub and Research Fellow at the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) at Deakin University, narrates and presents the visual summary of the paper ‘Emotion-Oriented Requirements Engineering: A Case Study in Developing a Smart Home System for the Elderly’. This paper was accepted by JSS and published in 2019, and since then it has one of the highest download statistics.


Together with Dr Anju Curumsing, the paper was co-authored by:

  • Dr Niroshinie Fernando (Deakin University),
  • Associate Professor Mohamed Abdelrazek (Deakin University & DELH),
  • Professor Rajesh Vasa (Deakin University & DELH),
  • Professor Kon Mouzakis (Deakin University & DELH), and
  • the ARC Laureate Professor John Grundy (Monash University & DELH).

The Hub congratulates Dr Curumsing for her work on the video presentation.



Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2