The ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living welcomed the visit of Professor Alan Smeaton from Dublin City University.

Professor Alan Smeaton visited the Hub to deliver a seminar and to meet with the PhD students and a project team.

The seminar on “Processing Data from Wearable Sensors using AI and Machine Learning: It’s Over-Engineering” resonated with a number of the staff and students at the Hub as it has certainly provided some food for thought and a number of commonalities for researchers and engineers in the space that the Hub is active in, namely Health and IT.

Professor Smeaton also took the opportunity to meet with some of the Hub’s PhD students to learn more about their projects and to provide them with some useful takeaways for their consideration. He also met with one of the Hub’s research project team (Professor Alison Hutchinson, Dr Leonard Hoon and Dr Anju Curumsing) to discuss future opportunities arising from the project.

Professor Kon Mouzakis hosted a lunch for Professor Smeaton that also included another important partner Black Dog Institute (Ms Nicole Cockayne and Ms Allison Salmon) as they were also on-site for a separate project meeting.

Professor Smeaton passionately delivering his seminar at Deakin University.
L to R: Professor Kon Mouzakis (Hub Director) and Professor Alan Smeaton.
Clockwise from left: Ms Allison Salmon, Ms Nicole Cockayne, Prof Raj Vasa, Prof Alan Smeaton, Prof Kon Mouzakis, Mr Kevin Hoon, Mr Peter Dafnas, Dr Anju Curumsing (obstructed), Dr Scott Barnett, Dr Leonard Hoon, Mr Andrew Vouliotis, Dr Kit Huckvale.