The ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living welcomed the visit of its Partner Investigator Professor Lars Kayser from the University of Copenhagen (CPH).

As part of a week-long trip to Deakin University for collaboration with a number of academic colleagues, Professor Kayser visited the ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living and delivered a fascinating seminar on the Epital Care Model (ECM).

The seminar touches on his research in this particular area and how the ECM can provide a framework for developing solutions to support an active life with one or more chronic conditions. As the seminar topic is one of current interest, it has attracted a number of academics from across the health faculty at Deakin University.

About Professor Lars Kayser

Professor Lars Kayser’s main research interest lies in the field of health informatics and integrated people centered health care based on a broad experience both in the clinical and educational area as well as implementation of e-learning systems coming from a background as both board certified specialist in Internal Medicine and as a leader of two different centers in the area of Educational Development and Web Based Learning in the period 2002-2009 at the University of Copenhagen.

He now has a focus on innovation in health care, Health Literacy and in particular in eHealth Literacy, the main objective being the user’s needs and abilities in the context of technology in the health universe, focusing on how we can introduce intelligent systems that can adapt to the individual user and how we can change the thoughts and behaviour of users from being recipients and clients to active consumers of healthcare. He is actively involved in projects about how to redesign health services both in a national and international perspective.

He contributes in the Epital Health Project in the municipality of Hillerød with a focus on psychiatry, in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, Integrated Care (AHA B3) and in the Norwegian 3P project.

Professor Kayser has published more than 18 papers within the last five years together with colleagues from Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Tasmania within the above described areas, where nine of them focus on eHealth Literacy. Professor Kayser has a close collaboration with Deakin University since 2011 through Professor Richard Osborne and was in Jaunary 2018 appointed honorary professor at Deakin University.

L to R: Professor Kon Mouzakis (Hub Director), Professor Lars Kayser (University of Copenhagen).

Participants at the seminar at Deakin University.