The Hub Manager, Mr Kevin Hoon, had the privilege of attending the Victorian ARC Centres and Hubs Staff (VACHS) Professional Staff Day on 23 November 2018.

The workshop was held at the University of Melbourne and it was great for meeting fellow colleagues from the other ARC related initiatives. The day was broken up into various sessions that provided useful tips and tools for the efficient operations of the Hub and Centres as well as an opportunity to learn more about different type of personalities and how to extract the best professional outcomes based on the differences in the personalities.

Colleagues from the Australian Research Council were also in attendance to support this event and presented on the ARC’s collaboration across the major investments and the outcomes of their reviews conducted in 2017/2018.

It was certainly a productive day of professional development for all attendees!

Ms Luisa Powell, Assistant Director Major Investments Team, ARC
Kevin Hoon (ARC Research Hub for Digital Living) and Dr Emma Prime (ARC Research Hub for Future Fibres)