The rapid growth in our ageing population is a major emerging societal challenge in Australia and around the world.

The Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living (or ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living) is funded by the Australian government and industry partners.

The ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living addresses the need for effective, affordable, scalable and safe in-home and in-residential care solutions using current and emerging sensor, interaction and integration technologies – a “smart home” focused assisted living.

Economic impact

Digital solutions created will shift the cost of care away from the State and carers of those aged 65+ who prefer to live in their own home, people with disability and those requiring rehabilitation services. New service industries for in-home care support will result from technological advances, including care plan and device development and configuration, maintenance and remote monitoring.

Social impact

The ageing process can result in decreasing functional capacity and independence, increasing intrusion by carers. On the other hand, the presence of sensors, though potentially intrusive, is controlled and managed by either the person themselves or by the people who care for that person. Digitally enhanced living spaces provide support for the maintenance of independence, improved social connections, and improved physical and mental wellbeing.

Health impact

The Hub’s research will result in improved in-home and in-care treatments, improved safety monitoring, reduced rehabilitation time, improved mental and physical wellness, and reduced time of cognitive decline.